No hokey pokey here because you own your own account. PCP only has authority to re-balance your portfolio (and you can revoke it at anytime). That’s it.

100% Computer-Driven, Algorithmic Risk Parity Portfolios

  • No human, emotional decision-making which can be prone to errors
  • Allows us to keep our costs low
  • Both Active and Passive strategy versions are available based on tax bracket for maximum tax efficiency
  • Tax-efficient, low-fee, passive index ETFs based on Graham/Buffet and French and Fama’s work.
  • Factor-based Risk Parity portfolios (1-5 are long only):
    1. PCP Passive at 5% Volatility Target
    2. PCP Passive at 7%
    3. PCP Active at 5%
    4. PCP Active at 7%
    5. PCP Active at 10%
    6. PCP Long/Short at 7% (Experimental only)
  • Monthly and Quarterly dividends

Highest Industry Standard Ethics and Privacy Commitment

  • Physician Capital Partners are active investors in our own strategies thereby aligning managers’ and clients’ interests.
  • CFA Charterholder and Board-Certified Physician portfolio managers are required to maintain the highest ethical commitments by their respective boards – and can be verified independently by prospective clients here and here and here.

Separately Managed Accounts

  • All clients have their own separately managed accounts at Interactive Brokers – one of the largest custodians and brokerages catering to retail and professional market participants.
  • Physician Capital Partners only has discretionary authority to re-balance clients’ portfolios.  PCP isn’t able to add nor withdraw funds on anyone’s behalf.  Therefore, all clients retain 100% control of their own accounts.
  • Clients can download the Interactive Brokers mobile app to easily monitor their portfolios on a daily basis.  It can even be set up so that no login is necessary via read-only access b/c presumably clients have a password set up on their phones already.  This allows literally one-click access for the client to check his/her portfolio and compare it to what he/she sees on the TV in the office lounge, on CNBC, or your favorite business news outlet.  All other functions do require a log-in.
  • Re-balancing for the risk parity portfolios occurs on a quarterly basis, so it is best if clients contribute regularly to their accounts on a quarterly basis just before the re-balancing process occurs.  This allows client funds to compound at the highest rate possible.  Setting up quarterly contributions is easy in Interactive Brokers which makes saving for retirement very easy to do.


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