Our mission is to allow individual and institutional investors the opportunity to allocate a portion of their capital to the alternative asset class space while remaining as liquid and evidenced-based as possible and with the single-minded goal of improving their overall portfolio’s risk-adjusted return.

Our vision is to be the best fiduciaries and stewards of our client’s capital by always aligning our interests with theirs, maintaining a physician’s compassionate care of our clients’ situations, and by utilizing a framework of evidence-based investing.

Our values are to treat clients with respect, to take the time to explain to clients until they are satisfied – understanding that they may not come from a financial background – and to provide a value-added financial product and service that we would want to invest in ourselves.

As investors ourselves in our own in-house portfolios, we’ve found that the real benefit of investing with us is simply the certain satisfaction knowing that your portfolio is navigating the markets as best as it can when the markets are down. This peace of mind comes from having low-beta that can be scaled to investor preference along while maintaining low correlations to the market.

Having a CFA Charterholder and Board-Certified Physician as portfolio managers means being required to maintain the highest ethical commitments by their respective boards – and can be verified independently by prospective clients here and here and here.

Our firm’s difference is that we bring the same powerful, statistical, evidence-based research methodology that’s used in medicine and port these tools over for use within the asset management industry to increase our odds for success.


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