Physician Capital Partners is a dba of Sizemore Capital Management LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser.  Physician Capital was formed from a serendipitous partnership of similar investing styles and complementary financial skills between Charles Sizemore, CFA and Phillip Guerra, DO.

Because traditional financial advisers were not able to give him what he was looking for, Dr. Guerra began to look himself for to the best way to park any amount of money safely, efficiently, that was evidence-based and while remaining liquid at all times.   After literally thousands of hours studying finance, CFA material, research and testing ideas, Dr. Guerra was able to develop several portfolios designed to mitigate the volatility inherent in the markets while still remaining liquid, earning income, and participating in capital growth. From these strategies, the portfolios that allocated based on risk and momentum turned out to be the most efficient, lowest-beta portfolios in simulated and live trading.

After bouncing ideas and financial concepts with each other for several months to finalize the portfolio details that Mr. Sizemore would manage for Dr. Guerra, both Mr. Sizemore and Dr. Guerra began to realize that there might actually be others who could also benefit from the same advantages that these factor-based, risk-allocated portfolios offer. Dr. Guerra then sat for FINRA’s Series 65 investment adviser securities licensing exam, registered with the state, and a partnership was formalized. With that, Physician Capital Partners is now able to share their work clients and help them navigate volatile markets within both the traditional and non-traditional asset class space.


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